Posthuman days 
by choreographer Jenni-Elina von Bagh and her workgroup

What is a posthuman subject? What does it mean to let go of anthropocentrism?          

          The world is breaking before our very eyes, but what is this inevitable state of change?

Posthuman days never loses its ability for making differences and nuances. It is conscious of its materialities and their differences, dynamics of the movement patterns, the dialogue between surface and the depth.

 Its tissue is rich.

-Helsingin Sanomat / Maria Säkö 20.10.2018

 (...) something interesting crystallises in von Bagh´s work, perhaps 

a completely new combination of physical performing arts and philosophy. 

The shift of focus from the human to the cellulose material entering towards the end is fascinating in its simplicity - one actually succeeds in progressing from the anthropocentric thinking for a moment.
- Hufvudstadsbladet / Tove Djupsjöbacka 22.10.2018


Posthuman days is a moment of translation of the philosophical concept of posthuman into a scenic work. The work, performed by five female dancers, deals with this concept in a frame of stage and composition.

As a concept ’posthuman’ is wide and rich. It spreads as a net into many new philosophical discourses, such as nomadic subject, intensity, becoming, relation to change, organic and non-organic life.

The concept is in it roots strongly feminist. In its topicality ’posthuman’ positions itself to question the human as a center figure.

The performance challenges itself to co-resonate with this thematic so that it also separates from the theory as an artistic act and through that also creates a new kind of thinking.

As a theoretical reference the piece uses  i.e. Rossi Braidotti’s the Posthuman 2013 and Donna Haraway’s work Cyborg Manifesto 1984. 

As a choreographer I am interested in the co-resonance between philosophy and stage. How to surrender for the paradox of posthumanism? How would a performers body meet the strange and unknown in its relativity and connectivity to the surrounding?

As a compositional event I am interested in crashing speech and other expressional registers, material, objects and different stage-techniques with each other by creating a co-existence of superficiality and deepness; a moment of risk taking when considering the managing of the performance.

Postanthropocentric thinking is in a way impossible and at the same time a stimulating challenge as a scenic, choreographic and performative question.

Full-length video documentation, technical rider etc is available on request: contact us for more information.



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